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Jams made in our purpose built kitchen Mini Taster Jars available for various flavours Special Edition Marmalade & Jam

Plum, Raspberry & Apple Jam

‘One of our most popular jams, intense sweet fruitiness’

Rhubarb Jam

‘Great tart flavour, made with fresh Culkein rhubarb’

Banana Jam

‘Maybe our most unusual jam, unique caramelised banana taste’

Seville Orange Marmalade

‘The old faithful orange marmalade, great flavours and a medium shred’

Scotch Whisky Marmalade

The addition of this favourite Scottish tipple, gives a fine memorable taste ’

Lemon & Kiwi Fruit Marmalade

‘Great combination of tart lemony jelly with kiwi slices and crunchy seeds ’

Dark Chunky Orange Marmalade

‘A rich dark caramelised flavour with thick cut shred… like your Gran made’

Three Fruit Marmalade

‘Oranges, lemons and grapefruit produce a tasty medium cut spread ’

Mango & Chilli Chutney

‘Sweet mango with a fiery twist, perfect with a curry’

Apple, Sage & Onion Chutney

‘Great combination of flavours make a chutney fit for savoury snacking’

Sweet Courgette & Mint Chutney

‘Amazing caramelised courgette combine perfectly with the mint’

Ena’s Green Tomato Chutney

‘This is my Granny Ena's recipe, I used to eat a ton of it as a kid…still do   Love it !’

Apple/Mint/Rowan Jelly

‘Apple for pork, mint for lamb, and rowan with venison…  perfect’

Hot Chilli Sauce

‘Not for the faint hearted, tangy but fiery…… you have been warned’

Sea Salt Seasoning

‘Various combinations: Chilli, Herbs, Heather and even Seaweed’

Flavoured Olive Oils

‘Fine olive oil infused with a host of different flavour options’

Our mini jam factory produces a selection of jams, chutneys and marmalade in the traditional hand made stove top method.

This method creates smaller refined batches than large commercial operations, and because of this,

our products are made without the need for artificial additives.

This produces a preserve with outstanding pure flavours and natural colour.

Where possible home grown and local ingredients are used in our recipes.

We also produce jellies for roasts,

sauces, flavoured oils and salts,

and are always experimenting with new flavours and product ranges.